7 Instagrammable Spots in Don Salvador Benedicto

If you’re at the season of your life where there’s 100% tendency that you throw major “hugot lines” in all occasions, then i suggest you take a 45mins drive to the center of the mountains of Northern Negros Occidental. Way before, Don Salvador Benedicto was neglected due to its inaccessibility, but times have changed its course and we can no longer ignore the so many “feels” that this place could offer.

Featuring yours truly and from two of my good friends with stoking IG feeds when it comes to travelling. Follow my FA friend Robin(IG username: niborhood) and Wandering Princess Hannah (IG username: hannahroi) in their adventures.


1. 170Km Highway

My Travel Buddy/FA friend would label this as the “Buwis Buhay” Pose ( Death Defying ). This 170Km road is worth the risk – Parang Pag ibig.

Guest Post : Fly Anywhere Robin

Guest Post : Fly Anywhere Robin (IG: niborhood)


“Nag-aabang sa gitna ng daan, umaasang daraan ka sa aking harapan” ( kay gale gapadulong na ang salakyan )


2. Pandanon Valley Resort

Tubig is water, ilog is river, combined together – wala paring Forever. Parang Pag-ibig.



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3. Barangay Igmaya-an

These beautifully-grown pine trees lined in the main thoroughfares of about 1.7 kilometer stretch road from Barangay Igmayaan to Poblacion proper. Some things grow prettier on cold days -Parang Pag-ibig.


I noticed a couple having their PreNup across the road – totoong May Forever



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4.Mountain View Resort Bar & Restaurant

There’s a good view and a bad view – but the best view is “I love view”. The cornier the better – Parang Pag-ibig


Guest Post : Fly Anywhere Robin (IG: niborhood)

Give this guy a hugot line for this pic.

Guest Post : Fly Anywhere Robin (IG: niborhood)

5. Rapha Valley in Barangay Kumaliskis

“Your Destiny to Wellness wala dapat gina gulpi, because when you force yourself to change, ma depress ka…” – Doc Albert Jo 

More about my Rapha Valley Experience on my next Blog, will keep you posted.

More details about Rapha Valley on my next Blog.

More details about Rapha Valley on my next Blog.

More of details about Rapha Valley on my next Blog.

More details about Rapha Valley on my next Blog.


6. Malatan-og Falls

Sometimes it’s True, sometimes Falls – Parang Pag-ibig.

Guest Post : Wandering Warrior Hannah

Guest Post : Wandering Princess Hannah ( IG: hannahroi )


Guest Post : Wandering Princess Hannah ( IG: hannahroi )

Photo Credits : Hannah Roi

Photo Credits : Hannah Roi


7. Crossing Barangay Prosperidad

Insert “Perfect for you and me” Music Video for those who can relate.

“Is it a year from now or two or three, I don’t know God when will it be, cause I know the day will come and it will be perfect for you and me”Josh Gayanelo 



If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.

Till then, let’s keep Pursuing Personal Passion – Coach Ella

Photo Credits to the owners: Robin (IG: niborhood) & Hannah (IG: hannahroi)
Photos were taken with iphone6 & iphone6+ (and GoPro+ for my pics in Rapha Valley)

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