The First Timer’s Guide To Lakawon Beach Resort & Tawhai Floating Bar

After my recent post about my spontaneous trip in Lakawon Island I know there was an inner itch in me to do another a blog about it but I didn’t follow my instinct, not till I had tons of inquiries from both travelers and tourist around the country asking the what abouts of Lakawon Island and Tawhai Floating bar.

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So friends, here’s a quick travel guide.

The Rundown:

From Bacolod City North Bus terminal hop in a bus going to Cadiz City

Drop off at Martesan Terminal

Take a tricycle ride going to the Port at Brgy Cadiz Viejo

Then a pumpboat will take you to Lakawon Island


Prices are as follows:

– Bus: 95php AC / 55php Non AC

– Tricycle to port: 40php ( 120php/motorcycle grp of 2 or more )

– Pump boat: 250php/pax (round trip)

– Resort Entrance: 100php

– Tawhai Floating Bar 250php ( with free complimentary drink of your choice: Beer, Soda, or Juice )

Total estimated budget (excluding food) = 870Php

*Please take note that corkage fee is 50php


Ideally, this resort can be conquered in a day trip with friends and families. Right after the crazy party during masskara I know that you guys could all use some easy like Monday morning chill down at the beach.

Palawan or Boracay may be on your list, but you don’t have to go that far to get that summer feels in your facebook or instagram feeds. We have our own pride of white sand beach here in Negros Occidental. Get your lazy butt up and head over to our fancy and newest North Bus Ceres Terminal heading to Cadiz City. So not to miss your stop, make sure to advise the bus driver or the conductor that you are going to Lakawon Island, after an hour a half ride you will be dropped off at Martesan bus and tricycle terminal. Take the tricycle going to Barangay Viejo where the port is located.

Taking your private vehicle with you? Easy peasy. Just right after passing by Manapla City you will be welcomed by an arc saying you have reached Cadiz City. From Martesan bus and tricycle terminal follow the fully paved road heading to the port, there will be signages along the way, guaranteed you won’t miss your turn, but if you do it wouldn’t hurt to ask for direction. There are available parking spaces at the port where you can park your cars, for a price of 70php or more, and yes you can have it parked there at your own risk for an overnight stay.

Not from here? And you’re coming in from our Silay airport? ah!!! You can head straight to Lakawon Island via Taxi from the airport, though that would mean negotiating a decent cost with our local taxi drivers since our Silay International Airport is 2 cities away from Lakawon Island. But if you wish to stay in Bacolod City first, then it’s more favorable for you to take  taking the first option that I mentioned above.

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Shout out to Dan for photobombing on my sunset moment.

Day trip and Overnight stay rates as per Lakawon Island FB Page


Tawhai Floating Bar

We are proud to say that Lakawon Islands’ Tawhai is the biggest Floating Bar in Asia.

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Edges of the deck are covered with day beds, which I highly appreciate, the name “tawhai” which in English means “relax“ speaks for itself. The upper deck area is also open to all which you will find rowdy youngsters excitingly wanting to jump off at their own risk.

To complete the vibe, there’s a bar right at the middle of the boat ready to serve you with food and drinks and of course a chill out music to compliment your stay.


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If you are following my adventures you’ll noticed that I’ve been here for two consecutive weekends, and God forbid I will be here for the third time. I loved both trips that I took; A random road trip with a friend and her friend from Saudi, and the second trip for my tweenieee something birthday.

There’s simply nothing that the beach cannot cure, may it be a week days full of work, a little heart break, few disappointments, bad days (which includes bad hair days as well), or you just probably been postponing that break that you deserve, a family reunion you’ve been avoiding, a nagging friend who’s wanting to know what floating bar looks and feels like, but then you ran out of reasons and you end up taking a spontaneous day trip at lakawon island.

Going to Lakawon Island and Floating Bar may be one of the best decisions you will make this year so don’t let this pass. 

Till then, let’s keep Pursuing Personal Passions. – Coach Ella

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Photos were taken using Gopro Hero4 Silver & iphone5

39 comments on “The First Timer’s Guide To Lakawon Beach Resort & Tawhai Floating Bar”

  1. Hey! Thanks for this guide! When was this trip? All fares are still the same?

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Just this October 2016, so yes, all fares are fully updated. 😉

  2. nil says:

    the best blog regarding Lakawon island resort.. thumbs up!;-)

    1. Coach Ella says:

      thank you! i know you enjoyed your trip. keep safe. God Bless!

  3. Jt says:

    were planning a 1 week stay sa cebu pero naisip ko na mag bacolod muna stay ng 2days 1 nyt.. then balik cebu ano po masusuggest nyo na way or sasakyan namen.. possible pk ba yun or masaydo malayo?? thaannnkkksss😊

    1. Coach Ella says:

      that depends, cause if you travel by land(then roro) from cebu to bacolod that\’s 8hrs, too many hours spent for travel time. if by plane going to bacolod then that jus takes 1hr. Cebu via ceres bus going to bacolod, opt for the one that will pass by Cadiz city (as that is where lakawon island is near). and just inform the bus conductor you are heading to lakawon, they will tell you which bus to ride and advise you of the stopover, from there you can read through my blog on how to get to lakawon. 🙂 hope that helps.

  4. Earl says:

    Is it possible to do a Day tour in Lakawon and TawHai? does TawHai comes back to the shore before 5pm to catch the 5pm boat ride back to Cadiz? Thanks

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Big YES! 🙂 Tawhai Floating bar is just a couple of meters away from the shore, there\’s a small pumped boat /9free of charge) that takes guest back and forth the resort from the Tawhai Floating Bar, and during some other days that the tide is low you can just even simply walk from the boat going to the island.

  5. Joanne Cabanban says:

    Hi po Coach Ella!

    Thanks po sa blog about Lakawon. We r planninh po kasi na magpunta nh Lakawon Island this Nov 27. Daytour lang naman po. Need po ba namin tumawag sa reservations pa or kahit diretso na po sa Island without calling them? Kumbaga parang walk-in na lang po. And pwede po ba magdala ng mga pagkain or drinks? Sana mabasa niyo po ito. Hehe. Thank you po. 🙂

  6. Shai says:

    Hi! Just wondering, if I decided to go back to the island from the floating bar anytime I want to, do I just need to approach any of the staff at the bar? So they can contact someone to help me get back to the island? Or is there a fixed time for the boats of going back and forth? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Coach Ella says:

      boats are available anytime. but then if you are not staying overnight at the island, last trip to go back to the main island is until 5pm only. So technically, there is a big boat that takes you to Lakawon Island from the Main Island, and another small boat from Lakawon Island to Tawhai Floating bar.

  7. Coy says:

    Hi! Just want to ask how to travel back to Bacolod City by bus. 🙂

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Hey Coy! same route when going to Lakawon, as you reach the waiting station you can take a bus, ceres bus are 24hrs.

  8. Ria says:

    Hi! Really glad that I found your blog about Lakawon. We are planning to head straight to Lakawon from the airport. How much does the taxi ride usually cost? Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Hey Ria! haven\’t tried that route yet. but as far as i know you can strike a deal with taxi drivers from airport to Cadiz which may cost more. Silay to Bacolod City is 200 to 250php. Silay to Cadiz is way too far, it may range from 400 to 600php (one way), also just follow to the \”how to\” guide so you wont loose your way. enjoy your stay!

  9. ver says:

    Hi po Coach Ella good day,,ask ko lang po anytime ba na gusto ko na umalis from tawhai makakabalik kaagad ako sa shore?,kelangan ko pa po kc pumunta ng ruins & kung kaya pa mg campuestohan bago bumalik ng iloilo, day tour lang po at solo traveler,saka in regards sa food dun sa island pricey ba masyado?,thanks

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Hi Ver! yes! there\’s a small pump boat that goes back and forth anytime a guest pleases to go back to the island then also another big boat going to the mainland. cheers!

  10. Candice Jewel Siongco Luna says:

    Hi! I am going there with my family for a 4-night stay. Since we\’ll have a baby with us, we\’re thinking of getting a private car for rent or a taxi to reach the port. Any idea of the price range for this service? Thanks a bunch.

    1. Coach Ella says:

      The resort itself does not offer a personal vehicle for service, but you can consider hiring a private van, though it depends on the liners itself, price ranges from a 1,500 to 3k the most, you can contact Faith taxi for example, or go straight to Ceres North Terminal as there are Private Vans for rent.

  11. gigi says:

    HI is it possible to bring food in tawhai? and can we stay there for the whole afternoon?coz were planning not to rent a cottage. thanks

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Hi gigi! hmmmmm when i was there, me and my friends brought some of our snacks and ordered drinks instead at the bar, so i think the answer is yes.

  12. Liza says:

    Would you have an idea how much is the cost if we took the cab to the port? 🙂

    1. Coach Ella says:

      I haven\’t tried that option, it may not be as expensive.

  13. Jiggs says:

    Hi ! Is there a direct connection to the resort (sea plane) via Cebu or Bacolod ? I\’ve got a back injury so travelling by bus/taxi for a long time isn\’t advisable. Thanks!

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Latest news is they have now a jet for direct flight ..try checking

  14. Jessica says:

    Hi Coach Ella,

    We are planning to stay overnight at Lakawon Island, just wondering if you have any idea if the boat from Bacolod port to Island has a specific schedules?

    Thank you so much for your blog!

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Bacolod Port?.hmm im a bit confuse.. there is no direct trip from bacolod to lakawon by boat. Refer to my guide regarding land travel and also schedule of boat trips from Cadiz port to Lakawon Island.

  15. Betty says:

    Hi, Ella. I enjoyed your blog. It\’s really very informative. 🙂 I have a question though. How about going back to the airport? After a boat transfer to Lakawon port, where can we find buses back to the airport? 🙂

    1. Coach Ella says:

      From lakawon island returning to the mainland, if you opt to ride the ceres bus from Cadiz you can ask the driver to drop you off either in Silay City or in Talisay City where a taxi stop can take you to the airport.

  16. Aj says:

    Hi Ella,

    We\’ll be in Bacolod in January for 3 days and 2 nights we\’re thinking of adding Lakawon in our itinerary. Questions how long is the boat ride from the port going to Lakawon? is it okay to bring kids their age are 9 and 3?
    last can you suggest a itinerary in Bacolod city for a day tour.

    Thank you

    1. Coach Ella says:

      From the island port of Cadiz city going to the island boat ride takes only about 15-20mins, and yes it is okay to bring your kids (given max supervision), its a small island anyway. Not an expert when it comes to IT, but hope this link will help you, its from my fellow bacolod blogger.

  17. Bazz says:

    Hi Coach, thank you for you blog. just a question, from airport – aside from taxi/private cars, ano pwd sakyan going Bacolod North Bus Terminal? how long (kahit est.) will it take from Airport going lakawon?

    1. Coach Ella says:

      hmmmm… unfortunately there\’s only the taxi and private vehicle option. there\’s no bus nor jeepneys just yet available in our airport. one route you might take though is from airport ask the taxi to drop you at silay main road (hope for a cheap price) then you can take a jeep/bus going to bacolod. roughly more than an hour from airport to lakawon.

  18. Kristina says:

    Hi Ella , hm is the overnight accomodation in Lakawon? 🙂

    1. Coach Ella says:

      rates may have change already as this year. you may have a look at their website for updated prices.

  19. Karlo says:

    Hello Coach Ella,

    Once we paid for the rate of 250 pesos as the entrance fee then we decided to go back to the shore then back again to the bar, are we going to pay for another 250 pesos?

    Hope I can get an answer. We will be going there this coming December. Thanks!

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Hi Karlo! they usually have a wrist band to identify if you are a bar costumer, so most likely there\’s no need to repay the 250 fee, there\’s a small pump boat that will take you back and forth. hope that answers your question.

  20. Joko says:

    Hey! Just curious, if the boat ride heading to Lakawon Island is open as early as 7am?

    Do you have a time frame when you visited the place? 🙂 Hope you can provide one. Teehee!

    1. Coach Ella says:

      I’m not sure about it. though what i know is first trip from lakawon going to mainland in cadiz starts as 7am.

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