Eating is a Sport @ Hat Trick Sports Grill

The Marketplace offers a wide range of Cafe’s, Restaurants and Pubs to choose from. Such great place for dinner with friends, families or a date probably. Also possible location for lunch, coffee and you might also find a workspace (good luck with that though).

But then again, when you’re finally done with work and all you want is to grab a bite and watch your favorite sports, on tv, with friends – I cannot stress that enough, but if this is you, read on please, and if it’s not you still keep reading cause this place has a really big flat screen tv (wink wink) and food here is really great!

Hat Trick Sports Grill is at Marketplace, Villa Angela  Circumferential Road (right beside NGC), Bacolod City. Drop by as early as 11am and stay as long as till 1am.

This Sports Grill is not even new in town, but for some reason it may have been living under the radar. So by all means, I think it’s about time you get to know about it – especially its burger and its wide flat screen TV.


Hat Trick is getting ready for the long weekend halloween party if you noticed all the webs.


The Food Rundown

Hat Trick Burger

Three things. First of all, this is one mean burger. Just look at it from top to bottom. Which brings me to my second point, never ever ever mess with this burger. Third, cheese, house special sauce and caramelized onions – thou shalt be thankful for this really damn good burger.



If you ask me, don’t miss out on the Trinity Burger and Wagyu burger.

Must Try: Cheese Burger w/ Fries, Trinity Burger, Mac N Ribs Sandwich, Chilli CheeseBurger, Wagyu Burger with Fries

Chili Cheese Fries

Exercise? I thought you said Cheese Fries. If there’s one thing I wanna get myself smothered with, it will be the chilli and cheddar cheese sauce in these fries. Dig in!

Yah ready to get your fingers chilli?

Yah ready to get your fingers chilli?


Must Try: Salpicao, Fish & Chips, Nachos, Tacos, Fries, Spam Fries, Potato Wedges, Cheesy Bacon Fries, Sausages

Mongolian Bowl

Not a burger fan? That’s ok, we have this bowl full of spicy sexy thang for you. Order this if you hate burgers but still love carbs.

A bowl of beef, chicken, ,pork and season lovinnnn <3 just tell the cook if you wanna add more spice to it ;)

A bowl of beef, chicken, ,pork and season lovinnnn


Must Try: Ribs w/ Rice, Burger Steak w/ Rice, Tenderloin Tips w/ Rice, Chilli Rice, Mama’s Fried Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders

Chori Burger

Back to burgers aye? Chori or Chorizo burger with special house sauce. Need we say more? Or so at least that is what it says in the menu board.



Iced Coffee or BBZ?

Too early for some BBZ, then gulp on this iced coffee, give a holla at the waiter when your watch says what hour? Of course “Happy hour”.



NBA season is finally back! Leave your couches behind, bring your friends and enemies and roll on some bets, Hat Trick got you covered! Best burger in town, still many more options in the menu board, and we are not calling this a “Sport Grill” for no reason. For the UFL fans out there of course there’s room for every sports, just bring your flags with you and cheer for your team!





I could be superman you know, so watch out as I step inside a telephone booth and see how this trap door transforms me, stay tuned for my next blog as to where this booth is gonna take me on my next adventure.


Till then, let’s keep pursuing personal passion. – Coach Ella

In cooperation with The Market Pub – we are brining BOOS AND BOOZE HALLOWEEN PARTY 2016 with DJ White Puentevella Tonight, October 31, 2016 – tickets are available at Hat Trick Sports Bar and Market Pub. Let’s get spooky tonight! See y’all! 


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