Twentysomething: Things I Learned When I Moved to Boracay

Living independently for the past 4 years has never been easy and so I decided to take another step further before 2017 kicked in. I moved out from the space I rented from a friend’s house, I also sold most of my possessions, my car, my branded clothes, shoes and bags; stuff I deemed that I wouldn’t be needing when I make my move. My first week was rough as hell, I occupied a small bed space too far from my working station. On my 2nd week, I moved to an apartment with a shared AC room, hot & cold shower, full kitchen & lived with the most awesome people I know in the island. With only 10 minutes’ walk to the beach front I have officially become an Island Girl.

Today marks my 1st month of living in the Island; surprised as some might be, but here’s what I learned after leaving the comforts of my city for the number one Island in the Philippines – Boracay.

Not everything you have is everything you need

I’m no hoarder but I realized the moment I sold some of my stuff that there were things that I haven’t really used that much. We tend to collect stuff without the intention of really using them – I’m definitely guilty of that. My moved required me to let go of my bags, shoes and books, it was never easy but it was necessary, and now I find the remaining stuff I have more valuable than ever.

Miss U : Confident and Beautiful with a Heart ( without the make-up )

As a city girl that keeps on rockin, having a full blast makeup and presentable outfits was on the checklist on a daily basis. Whether going out with ma girls, hosting parties, PR’s on events, meeting people, I need to be on the game. Island living tuned down my makeup habits, I woke up like that and boom I’m on my way to the beach. Though being a Pubcrawl Photo Captain I still need to step up my game and keep my posh during crawls and night outs with the squad. But on regular days, I get a full paint-free face.


Always Beach Ready

And gladly, it didn’t bother me to wear repetitive outfits. City life is way different cause as a girl (where ma girls at?!) with a very demanding career I gotta keep up with society ( lol, somehow true ) it gets to me to take note of my outfits on a daily basis. But thank you Boracay for totally breaking my mindset, life at the beach is upside down in a very good way (at least for my advantage), I don’t mind repeating my outfits in a week time, and I’m even happy to know that my girls in the island are doing the same thing (such relief).

And being beach ready also means that I’m wearing swimsuit on a daily basis, whatever my outfit may be, regardless of the weather and the occasion. Put on my beach song and I’m ready to take a plunge anytime.

Turn Strangers into friends

That’s what I learned from our team here in Boracay Pubcrawl, making new friends in the island is very very very easy. (I will be blogging soon about Pubcrawl in the coming weeks). I am a very welcoming person, despite that, I still had to go through the adjustment period in accepting the culture in this island. But in a months’ time I have gained tons of friends from all across the globe, shout out to you all Mga Besh! (My friends!)  If you’re reading this, you’ll know who you are.

sun's out just cant miss this part

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If there is one lesson, I learned when it comes to making new friends is that – nobody’s perfect. Surely you’ve heard that many times, but it will mean a lot when you reach a certain point in your life when you randomly meet a person without any hidden agenda, despite your culture differences and disagreeable beliefs on certain values. City life is fast paced and people can’t seem to have time to stop and talk to random people cause they’re too busy accomplishing daily task.

But living in an island where both locals and tourist comes and go, you will meet strangers in the simplest way. Life is an adventure, people will always have stories to tell, no matter how deep or shallow it may be, at the end of my one month I have shared lives with random people. Starting from “awkward stares” to “never have I ever..” convo’s, from small talks that turned out to Big Questions that eventually lead to “me too!” with a high five. At the end of the day relationships counts – that includes friendships too you know.

Find your Niche

Growing up, they asked us what we want to be and as a kid we excitingly answered that we want to be something, someone, bigger than ourselves; a Doctor, Scientist, President of the country, some would want to be Princesses or a Fashion Model, and adults encouragingly would give a yes as a reply, “Yes, you’ll be that someday soon”. But now that we are of age we got tired chasing our dreams yet are quick to pay our bills. What did you wanna be when you were young? When was the last time you did something for yourself? When was the last time you pursued something that you are really passionate about? To quit your job and go do that would be too much to ask, but simply put, your passion could be painting, cooking, reading, writing, helping others and so on – It’s never too late, be brave to pursue it.

I have grown fond of taking photos, blogging, meeting new people and travelling of course. And for those whom I have shared lives with, yáll know I’ve been day dreaming of living and working in an island where the beach is calling me. I’m not saying this is it for me, cause I will keep pursuing things that I’m passionate about, there’s no form of easy living whether in the Island or in the City, there is only living itself, and living it passionately.

I wanna be as real as possible here, so hear me out. My first 2 weeks in the island has been one of the toughest one, and here's an attempt to put them into words. It's not always sunny and awesome sunsets with mojitos in hand, it's more than the late night parties and meeting new people and getting free booze. Moving to another Island where no one knows your name IS NOT EASY. Yes, and ideally Boracay is the best Island to visit in the Philippines, but to live in? that's another story. I realised that there's no room for a new you, new people, new place and new experiences. All you need is to create a BETTER YOU. (at least that goes for me). Everything here seems surreal to me, esp my line of work, which for sure friends from my hometown does not recognised such thing. But now that I have embraced uncertainty, I just stopped complaining on what wouldn't work and focused my energy on a "beautiful state", where I navel on the positive. Is it easy here? NO! do I love what I'm doing? YES! and this 2017 I gonna continue pursuing personal passions, and YOU, yes YOU, YOU have the power to choose how you want your life to be this year. #BoracayBae #Coachellatravelista #BoracayPubcrawl . . . . . . #beautifuldestinations #letsgosomwhere #discoverglobe #neverstopexploring #welikeyotravel #awesomeearth #earthfocus #watchthisinstagood #livelife #destinationearth #dailyliving #wanderlust #travelstoke #travel #lifestyle #beach #beachlife #digitalnomad #ilovesunset #travelasia #discoverMNL #pubcrawl #bestnightever

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Life has taught me to be independent, and to my family and friends all over the world, please don’t take this against me. You might think that selling my stuff and moving to Boracay makes me careless and crazy, but surely I’m not. I didn’t think twice about this, I only had two weeks noticed and I immediately broadcast my departure to the dearest people in my life. By doing so I have received different remarks and it wasn’t all so pretty.

Who knows if my move to this island is a mistake or not, I’m gonna live it, embrace it and love it to the fullest. As one of my fave blogger Trishia would quote “there are no right or wrong decisions, there are only decisions, it is up to you on how you would live up to that decision”.


8 comments on “Twentysomething: Things I Learned When I Moved to Boracay”

  1. Rohanne says:

    Love this! I wish I have as much courage as you! Following you on all your social media accounts now! 😀

    1. Coach Ella says:

      haha crazy you mean. but at some point we all need a little push, you have it in you, just go for it! follow whatever fuels your passion. cheers!

  2. ESTHER says:

    Hey Ella it was great meeting you. I know I’m one of those tourists shoes now gone but I hope to be able to stay in your story and keep in touch. I’m not too far away so a little island visit could be one the cards some time soon. Love your blogs and great how they reflect ur open personality and your passion for life. Take care x Esther

    1. Coach Ella says:

      Esther! so good to hear from you 🙂 i may have been a lil bit reserve when we met, though that could mean i can pay u a visit to catch up yah?. thank you for taking the time to read, i wont hesitate to share more the next time we meet. lets stay connected, 😀 all the best to u!

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Ella, I’m curious. What drove you to move to Boracay? What was your motivation behind it?

    To me it just kind of happened. I was on a long 6 month windsurfing vacation and after returning home I missed my girlfriend and my life on Boracay, so I returned and set up my workspace there.

    After we parted ways I had become so used to living it Boracay that it felt like my new home. I love that everybody is so friendly and lighthearted, and of course the beach life.

    About collecting things. Its funny, my apartment back home was completely cleaned out by thieves a little over a year ago, but I honestly didn’t care that much, mostly I thought, oh well… saves me the trouble to do it myself 🙂

    1. Coach Ella says:

      I thought you’d never ask. lol to better put it, i think I had more reasons of leaving my City than moving to Boracay. City life has taken its toll on me, also that ever since I have started traveling and taking my blog website seriously, I knew I could do more when I’m outside my comfort zone. hope that answers your question. Now my life here has been unexpectedly uneasy but satisfying and surprising in its own way. I’m planning to go home to get my other stuff, crossing my fingers my space has not been robbed. lol I’ll keep in touch for our future projects 😉

  4. Bads says:

    omg! i wish I could be as brave as you, Captain!

    1. Coach Ella says:

      thanks! you ca be too you know 😉

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