Boracay Stories: Life Lessons from an Israeli Expat



“Ella, im going back to my country, there’s nothing more for me here in Boracay. Ugh,eh, eh,  I don’t know how to say it in English, Ella help me!”

I noticed how he struggled for words as he explains, he got all his thoughts in his head but he sounded like a third grader in getting those words across. As for him, English was not his first language, and most of the time our conversations get too hilarious as he can only adequately express himself in present tense. And I know that there are more things that he wanted to say but he just didn’t just because he can’t.

Here in the Philippines, we may be moderately bilingual in some way, and English, is well, our second language, yet, I still manage to have foreigners sweep off their feet on how fluent I speak (not to brag, but really though, haha). Well, welcome to the Philippines Ma’am and Sir.

I’ve learned a golden rule in having foreign friends and knowing that this guy right here is from the Middle East, in every attempt he takes to express his thoughts, I never miss to acknowledge that he’s trying.

I’ve learned not to laugh (most of the time) and hold myself together whenever he messes up conjugating some irregular verbs, and most importantly, I’ve learned to pay more attention to hand gestures, body language and strong eye contacts. Again, at least he tried.

 “I’m too much tired and I’m problematic. “

Let me get this straight, obsessive thoughts can attack our brains at all time, and it feels like these heavily thoughts are taking us over and we can’t live like a normal person – well, that’s how I see it.

That phrase didn’t make sense, even no matter how shallow or deep our friendship was, others would probe and unravel some layers of the problems. We are all uniquely and perfectly made, we have different needs and ways, an average person can respond by asking “why?”, a leader can say “this is what you need to do” and from where I was sitting, the best response I could give as a friend was my silence.

At least he tried, he tried to express his feelings (in English), he tried to understand and he tried to be understood, he tried to live in another country that is basically foreign for him, he tried to be adventurous with new flavors in the island that is out of his diet (he’s vegetarian btw), he tried to take matters into his own hands and not blame anyone, and most importantly, he took a chance at life.

At least he tried. I reckon a friend said to me once “Ella, don’t say ‘I’ll try’, say ‘I’ll do it’” and I politely comply. But now I realized with that being said, I was robbed with an opportunity to be scared, to be unsure, to doubt, and they say doubt is such a bad thing – and so Is trust.  But it is where when we ‘try’ that we continually rediscover our self, every day.

Whether you are venturing a new career, reliving a past relationship, experimenting on new flavors, embarking new adventures, remember, you are taking a leap into a new experience and with a futuristic thought of “at least I tried”.

I recently had a quick convo with an acquaintance who’s seeking a new career and she expressed her thoughts saying “I don’t have that much experience with any kind of work . . . “ I aptly replied “well, don’t let that stop you.”


You could be thinking” it’s easier said than done Ella cause you’re the type who just carelessly abandon things that stops you”, haha news flash! I’m no wonder woman, I had my fair share of mishaps cause of some bad decisions I made, and in fact bad decisions sometimes can hinder us from making new decisions because we have been so afraid to take some risks. I figured, how many out there has stopped just because I used to say No to life? because I was so afraid. But now I know better.
Well there’s more to life than being scared and that’s called trying.


 (ESV) Isaiah 41:10  “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”




“Ellaaaaaa,I don’t have nothing, now, I ask money from my parents.”


Try, and when you do, be human enough to deal with the consequences on the latter. We can try and they’ll call us careless, or we can try and prove ourselves that we are grownups. Adulting these days is hard af that’s for sure.

I can’t remember the last time I asked money from my dad, let alone him willingly provide. We can be ambitious with the battles that we choose in life, but those difficult seasons will show the real ‘families’ we have, and these are the ones that goes down deeper in our bloodline. When you try and fail, it’s a humbling occurrence to raise the white flag and surrender, go for it! Dial in, go SOS. People who will be there during your hard times are a sure keeper, cherish them.

Another friend once said to me “As we grow older our circle of friends becomes smaller.”

Omry with the Pubcrawl Squad


Be keen, there are those who will always be around, then there are those who makes you a better person while they’re around. After you’ve tried, doubted, failed and asked for help – they make you realized that there’s more to you than you – that’s the kind of better that I’m talking about.


“From failing, you learn. From Success, Not so much.”

And if it doesn’t work out – well, at least you tried.






Captain Ella & Omry at your service!



My friend Omry Ishai went home to his loving country ‘Israel’ after his 3 months of living here in Boracay, Philippines. He wishes to be reconciled with his family & friends, continue his Masters in Multimedia & Arts and who knows, after some success stories he’ll be back in The Philippines or better yet travelling around the world and trying out new things.

We worked together for Boracay Pubcrawl as Captains/Event host, fun times meeting new strangers and unlimited sunset sessions at the beach are just priceless.Cheers to new beginnings Omry! 

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